Monday, October 27, 2014

The Bee's Knees

Lately, I have been given a few submissions for "bee" parties.  I love this theme!!  It is so happy and cheerful and can be used for a variety of occasions!!

My first post of a "bee" theme was for a baby shower.  I loved the grey and yellow, such a popular color combination.  I loved this shower by You Make Do

The next "bee" theme I staged was from Easy Party Printables.  I loved how bright it was and thought it would make the perfect setting for a child's lunch.  I set up Charlotte's IKEA table and found some paper plates and napkins I bought from the dollar spot at Target.  

This entire package can be purchased on Etsy for $8.95 or personalized with your child's name and age for $29.95!  What a great deal!  I love that there are so many ways you can use this package.  Lunches, birthday parties, and showers!  What are you going to use it for??

The last "bee" party items I want to share with you, are by The Last Candy Shop (the same shop that brought this blog the Super Hero party).  I love the items from this shop.  So classy and simple, yet they make for amazing looking parties. 

I got a little creative with the cupcake toppers, showing you can use them for more purposes than just cupcakes!  Party bags (love my gable boxes), milk bottles, and centerpieces.

These items can be purchased on Etsy at The Last Candy Shop, along with the entire party package for only $9!!  WHAT??  I love this because you can use it for gender reveal ("What will it bee?") or just a baby shower with ("Mommy to Bee").  Adorable!

Who loves these "Bee" themes as much as I do??

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Lego Movie

I have known the characters or a little background of every theme I have taken pictures of.  But I really don't know anything about LEGOS!  Yes, we had a lego table when I was growing up, but other than that, I don't collect them, Josh isn't into them, and they have been a "chocking" toy most of Charlotte's life. Since this party is "The Lego Movie," I thought I would RedBox it and watch it.  That is exactly what we did for Family Home Evening, last night.

As I started cutting out the pieces to this party package, I noticed there were the same characters on each item.  After watching the movie, I realized they are the main characters :)

This party package is sponsored by Birthday Buzzin Prints.  I set this party up in the family room on the big screen TV, with movie snacks and a Lego set for each kid as a party favor (or they can put it together at the party).  This party is extremely simple but still looks great with all the printables available.

 Legos are an expensive toy.  Luckily there are little sets such as these that are $5.99 at Target.  There were also smaller packets that would be great in a goody bag.  The kids can either complete these during the movie, have a separate activity during the party, or send the kids home with them as a party favor.  

 Adding little props like the red tickets as a stand for the picture is a nice touch and brings out the movie theme more.  

 Little goody bags can either hold the finished Lego set or you can put other things in them as party favors.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sweet Bee

As much as I loved the idea of surprises, one surprise I could never handle was the sex of my unborn baby.  I had to know if, who is now Charlotte, was a boy or a girl.  I had to get prepared.  BUT there are several people who can handle the surprise and for those people, this shower is for you! (Or if your nursery is going to be grey and yellow!)

"Sweet Bee" is a collection from You Make Do.  I love this baby shower.  It is gender neutral and just so sweet! The colors are grey and yellow, very soft and you can do a few different things with it.  I took this as more of the dessert/beverage table.

These pinwheels, and thank you envelopes are a great party favor.

In the package, you will receive the entire alphabet to use however you want...cupcake toppers, initials of the baby or your last name, tags, banners, etc.  I decided to frame a "b" for baby...or bee. :)

I loved these cupcake toppers.  Again, what you can do with these is endless.  They don't always have to go on cupcakes.  You may have noticed my yellow cupcake stand.  I purchased this after Easter this year for 50% off at Target.  Love my cupcake stands!!

Favor boxes...DOLLAR TREE!

Straw flags.  These are editable and you can label them however you want.  I love when the PDF's come ready to be edited.  You can really personalize the party!

The buffet cards are editable, too!

This whole collection is only $16 and can be purchased at You Make Do's online Etsy shop!  And when you are visiting the shop, notice the familiar pictures :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Super Hero Party

One thing I know nothing about are BOY birthday parties!  Wow!  I was so excited to team up with The Last Candy shop all the way in Australia and do a Super Hero theme-party.  Then I got to thinking, "I have NOTHING super hero!!"  With a quick run to Dollar Tree, I found a couple things to use as I styled these classy party items.  One thing you'll notice throughout the pictures are the action figures I found at the Dollar Tree.  $1!!  

I attempted the cupcakes a bit different than I usually have been doing.  I have these great boxes from Dylan's Candy Shop and since they are bright colors, like everything else in the party, I thought it would be fun to use them to display the cupcakes.  Then I put an action figure and sucker in two of the cupcakes just to give more ideas of what you can do to decorate cupcakes.  I thought it was clever.  What do you think??

Still have those popcorn containers from your circus party?  Use them again!  They are red, the same color as Spiderman!  

Used another candy box for the Spiderman suckers I found at Dollar Tree!

When I saw these light up arm bands I thought, "this will make any little boy think he has super powers!"  Great party favor to give as they enter the party! Again, $1!

Another action figure with these clever water bottle wrappers!

These red baskets were 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree.  When purchasing containers, get colors you will use for other events or holidays.  (Red=Valentine's Day, Christmas, 4th of get the point!)  Also, super hero candy!

After I was done, I had the idea of putting the trinkets in a popcorn container and sending it home with each child.  Dollar Tree also had a TON of gifts that would be perfect for goodie bags or prizes to party games.  

This super hero package can be purchased on Etsy (here) for only $8!!  Tell them Tiersha sent you!

One More for the Record

From the same Etsy shop that brought Charlotte's Doc McStuffins party, Glitter Ink Designs has brought some adorable Halloween decor.  The main focus were THREE banners.  I got a little creative with the banners.

The Trick-or-Treat banner, well I un-bannered it.  I cut out each letter and put them up on the backdrop.  I thought it turned out great and it was my favorite part of the set up!

Look at these AMAZING favor boxes.  You can purchase these alone and use them for festive gifts for neighbors, church friends, kids classroom parties, teacher gifts...and the list goes on!  So cute and easy to assemble!!

This will be my last Halloween post for the year.  Hopefully you have all got some great ideas and purchase these incredible party decorations I have been able to feature!