Friday, September 26, 2014

Doc McStuffins

For Charlotte's 2nd birthday party, I threw a Doc McStuffins-theme party.  And it was a success!  

The key to any low-budget party is FIRST, look around your house and see if there are any props you can use.  Everything I used for this party was found in my house.  I may have had to take things out of containers and off of book shelves, but I didn't spend any money!! 

The thing I did spend money on was the party package found on Esty {here}, invites from Etsy {here}, food, goodie bags from Hobby Lobby {here}, doctor kits from the Dollar Tree {here}, and toys found at Dollar Tree and the dollar spot at Target.  

Etsy has become my best friend.  There is everything you need!  From home decor to party supplies. I have "favorited" so many things!



Going alone with the "doctor" theme, I thought a gift shop would be great to fill the goodie bags.  It was a highlight.  The kids were so excited when they went one-by-one to fill their "doctor bag."  This was by far MY favorite part of the party as well.

These suitcases were from Land of Nod {here} are on display in Charlotte's Room.  
I needed one more container so I went through all my shopping bags and boxes and found a Victoria's Secret box and flipped it over.  Genius!  The bottom part of the box is holding the doctor kits in the "operating room."

Put a card inside each "doctor bag" saying thank you for coming.  Don't worry, I also sent thank you cards!

There is nothing worse than going to a children's party with nothing for the children to do!  I brought down Charlotte's doll bunk bed, a stuffed animals/dolls, and placed the doctor kits from Dollar Tree for the kids to play with.  I also bought the Doc McStuffins table off Craigslist for $20!!  It sells for $80 at Toys R Us {here}.   It was brand new and had all the accessories.  Gotta love secondhand items!  I bought it a few months ago with the thought of selling it after the party but Charlotte LOVES it.  She would be devastated if I got rid of it!


To keep with the breakfast theme, I did a coffee cake instead of real cake.  We did the real cake and ice cream on her actual birthday.  


Welcome gift (I made that up; but I handed these to each kid when they came): Made stethoscopes from headbands, ribbon and felt.  Super easy and so cute!

Prizes: puzzle to color that I purchased at Target after Easter sale for $2.50 and a jump rope I purchased at Dollar Tree (both Doc McStuffins)
Post the band-aid on the boo boo game found at Party City {here}

Turned my computer desk into the gift table
It was such a fun party!  I'm glad I started planning it about three months in advance.  I was able to work a little bit at a time, spread the budget over a good amount of time, and get it exactly the way I had envisioned it.  This party package was created Glitter Ink Designs and can be purchased on Etsy {here}.

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