Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine's Baby

Have a Valentine's Day baby?  There are a few in my extended family.  And what a great way to celebrate with a holiday and a birthday party!  This featured party is by Mimi's Dollhouse.  I love the package name, "Lovebug."  How perfect for this "love"ly holiday! I always love parties you can personalize and put your child's name on it.  The key to any party is using whatever you have in that color.  I had pink lollipop sticks, red light-up bracelets, red and white peppermint candies, pink flowers and vases...use all of that color!  And place some pictures around of your child.  You can't go wrong with decor.  Make it look nice, like a display in your home.

Loved using a model in this shoot.  We used the 4' decorative circles as necklaces.  Punch a hole, thread baker's twine through and wahla...a perfect party favor right when the children come in!

 I am obsessed with these gable boxes (and use them in almost every party).  Hobby Lobby 10 for $4.99.  Best deal and it makes the goody bags so classy!

 One last look at the party.  
Since I had such a cooperative model, she got to indulge afterward :)

  I cannot have these lingering around the house so they will be going to a church activity tonight :)  I love this cupcake carrier I picked up at Walmart for $4!

This party package can be purchased at Mimi's Dollhouse shop {here}.  For a low price of $29.99.  Add the personalized invitation for just a few dollars more.  You can also purchase individual items, as well.  The entire packages includes:

1. 2" Cupcake Toppers (12 designs)
2. 4" Cake Toppers/Decorators (12 designs matching Cupcake Toppers)

3. Thank you Cards (1 design)
4. Favor Tags (1 design)
5. Blank Tent Labels (4 designs)
6. 8.5x11 Patterned Paper (4 designs)
7. Happy Birthday Banner with name (1 design-5x7 panels)
8. Cupcake Wrappers (4 designs)
9. Personalized Invitation (5x7 size)
10. Straw Flags (12 designs)
11. Water Bottle Wraps (4 designs)
12. 3/4" Candy Stickers (5 designs)
13. Blank Sign (1 design)
14. Mini Name Banner (1 design)
15. Welcome Sign (1 design)
16. 4x6 signs (as shown in photo)
17. Cake Topper (1design)
18. Tented Labels with Text (as shown in photo)

For more party ideas using the "Lovebug" package, please check out Mimi's Dollhouse blog post.