Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lucky Charm Birthday Party

I'm sure I have said this before, I know I have thought it several times, but when I celebrate Charlotte's birthday, it's more than just another year, but a celebration of her life and how lucky we were to have such a successful pregnancy and aftermath!  LUCKY might not be the right word (maybe blessed, watched over, grateful...you get the point) but there are many days where that is what it feels like.  I believe many parents feel this way about their children and that is why I love this birthday party theme so much.  Especially for the first birthday!

Again, my friends at Mimi's Dollhouse have created a perfect birthday party for your St. Patrick's/Lucky Charm baby!  I love the soft blue, green and grey colors.  This party is fit for any little boy who is turning one this time of year!  This package can be personalized for your child, too.

Silver boxes- Target Holiday two years ago
Plant and vase
Green chair (we use for an American Girl chair)- Goodwill

Frame- IKEA

 Gable boxes- Hobby Lobby (They are 50% off this week!!)
Green mustaches- Target St. Patrick's party

Pot O' Gold 

Coordinate the kids pouches with the color of your party 

 Water bottle wrappers make a great touch and are so easy and fast to put together!

As an alternative to cupcakes, I made individual trifles.  These are the perfect dessert, can be held in your hand with just a spoon.  You can put whatever you want in them too!  These are triple chunk brownies, carmel and chocolate sauce, and cool whip, topped with green sprinkles to pull in the theme!  Yum!  The cupcake toppers stayed up perfectly the whole time.  Place them on a cake stand and WAL-LA!  The perfect, yummiest, creative dessert for your guests!


To purchase this party package and several other different themes, head over to Mimi's Dollhouse!  This can also be purchased in pink, rather than blue, for your little girl!!  Love this!!  

The party packages includes:

1. 2" Cupcake Toppers (12 designs)

2. 4" Cake Toppers/Decorators (12 designs matching Cupcake Toppers)
3. Thank you Cards (1 design)
4. Favor Tags (1 design)
5. Blank Tent Labels (4 designs)
6. 8.5x11 Patterned Paper (4 designs)
7. Happy Birthday Banner with name (1 design-5x7 panels)
8. Cupcake Wrappers (4 designs)
9. Personalized Invitation (5x7 size)
10. Straw Flags (10 designs)
11. Water Bottle Wraps (4 designs)
12. Centerpieces (2 designs)
13. Blank Sign (1 design)
14. Mini Name Banner (1 design)
15. Welcome Sign (1 design)

Purchase the matching invitation HERE.  

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