Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sprinkled with Love

I know it's always "baby season," but I feel like it is especially right now!  Everytime I log into Facebook, someone new has announced they're pregnant.  It's always so fun to see friends expanding their families and having more babies!  And with a lot of baby announcements come a lot of baby showers!  

Baby showers can be a lot of work (as any party), and can add up quickly.  I imagine a lot of the people reading this are young moms, mom-to-bes or not yet started their families.  Therefore, most of you are on a budget!  Don't stress out about having every little detail or a full on brunch.  Just do desserts and drinks, something cute but still budget savvy.  

Thanks to Easy Party Printables for the adorable "Sprinkled with Love" tags and cupcake toppers. 

Use your gift of onesies and headbands for a decoration.  Water dispenser is from Costco.

I purchased a ton of these bags months ago on the Target clearance end cap.  They were $0.70 for 2.  I thought they would come in handy for one of Charlotte's future birthday parties.  Great goodie bags!

Flowers and vase (used at my wedding reception) are from IKEA.  

Stack some baby books for more decoration (and as part of your gift).

All these items I used were laying around my house.  One more tip: stock up on cake mixes at Target after all the holidays.  They don't expire forever and they go down to 50-70% off!  I always have a ton in my pantry so I can just whip a cake or cupcakes or sugar cookies out when needed (like for staging a party ;))

To purchase the entire party package go to Easy Party Printable's Etsy shop {here}.  There are signs, thank you tags, and much more!

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