Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Lego Movie

I have known the characters or a little background of every theme I have taken pictures of.  But I really don't know anything about LEGOS!  Yes, we had a lego table when I was growing up, but other than that, I don't collect them, Josh isn't into them, and they have been a "chocking" toy most of Charlotte's life. Since this party is "The Lego Movie," I thought I would RedBox it and watch it.  That is exactly what we did for Family Home Evening, last night.

As I started cutting out the pieces to this party package, I noticed there were the same characters on each item.  After watching the movie, I realized they are the main characters :)

This party package is sponsored by Birthday Buzzin Prints.  I set this party up in the family room on the big screen TV, with movie snacks and a Lego set for each kid as a party favor (or they can put it together at the party).  This party is extremely simple but still looks great with all the printables available.

 Legos are an expensive toy.  Luckily there are little sets such as these that are $5.99 at Target.  There were also smaller packets that would be great in a goody bag.  The kids can either complete these during the movie, have a separate activity during the party, or send the kids home with them as a party favor.  

 Adding little props like the red tickets as a stand for the picture is a nice touch and brings out the movie theme more.  

 Little goody bags can either hold the finished Lego set or you can put other things in them as party favors.  

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