Friday, October 10, 2014

Super Hero Party

One thing I know nothing about are BOY birthday parties!  Wow!  I was so excited to team up with The Last Candy shop all the way in Australia and do a Super Hero theme-party.  Then I got to thinking, "I have NOTHING super hero!!"  With a quick run to Dollar Tree, I found a couple things to use as I styled these classy party items.  One thing you'll notice throughout the pictures are the action figures I found at the Dollar Tree.  $1!!  

I attempted the cupcakes a bit different than I usually have been doing.  I have these great boxes from Dylan's Candy Shop and since they are bright colors, like everything else in the party, I thought it would be fun to use them to display the cupcakes.  Then I put an action figure and sucker in two of the cupcakes just to give more ideas of what you can do to decorate cupcakes.  I thought it was clever.  What do you think??

Still have those popcorn containers from your circus party?  Use them again!  They are red, the same color as Spiderman!  

Used another candy box for the Spiderman suckers I found at Dollar Tree!

When I saw these light up arm bands I thought, "this will make any little boy think he has super powers!"  Great party favor to give as they enter the party! Again, $1!

Another action figure with these clever water bottle wrappers!

These red baskets were 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree.  When purchasing containers, get colors you will use for other events or holidays.  (Red=Valentine's Day, Christmas, 4th of get the point!)  Also, super hero candy!

After I was done, I had the idea of putting the trinkets in a popcorn container and sending it home with each child.  Dollar Tree also had a TON of gifts that would be perfect for goodie bags or prizes to party games.  

This super hero package can be purchased on Etsy (here) for only $8!!  Tell them Tiersha sent you!

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