Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chanel Party

I love chic.  I love girly.  I love classy.  My favorite color combo lately is gold and black.  You can only imagine my excitement when my friends at Magical Printables asked me to put together a Chanel party.  My mind was racing of what I could do.  The possibilities were endless.  Since I have a track mind lately on makeup, I thought... A MAKEUP PARTY!!  It doesn't get any girlier than that!!! 

This theme can also be used for a bridal shower, baby shower, bachelorette party, birthday party...really anything a bunch of woman get together for!! 

The party package comes in pink/black and white/black.  I knew exactly what props to use once I figured out it would be a "Girl's Night Out" type of party!  

Frame spray painted gold with gold metallic top coat 

This party package is on sale right now for $1.00!!  Yes!  You read that right!!  ONE DOLLAR!!  The pink/black party package is for sale for $6.00!  You can select what color fits your style best here!

The package includes:

1) Bunting
2) Cupcake Wrapper
3) Circle Toppers 2″
4) Tent Style Labels
5) Favor Bag
6) Bottle Wrappers

Use Paper Size 11 x 8.5″

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