Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Treats

While we were at Sky Top orchard apple picking, we picked up a fresh apple pie. We invited our friends over immediately and were looking forward to eating this!! There is no rule that says when friends come over on a Sunday night for dessert, you don't have to make them feel special! Since my "tablecloth" hadn't moved from the Circus party, I thought, why not make this fun?! 

While my apple pie was warming up in the oven, I grabbed a few things to throw on the table. It also served as easy access for everyone to get a drink or more pie easily ;) 

Our guests even said, "I feel so special!" So there you go. Make it a fun event the next time you have dessert guests! 

These tags are from the Dollar Spot at Target. 8 for $1

The rooster chalkboard is from Pottery Barn Kids {here} similar {here}.  

I've decided I need to invest in some pretty backgrounds!! Love the serveware and dinnerware? It is from Pottery Barn {here}{here}{here}. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bring in the Circus

One day, I really look forward to taking Charlotte to the circus.  From crazy acrobats to trained animals to snack foods, I can't think of a more entertaining afternoon for any child.  So why not bring that home and throw a circus-themed party {here}?!  It's genius!

Again, the Dollar Tree has got my back...well almost.  I found rip apart tickets on their website but later learned, they only sale them at certain locations.  I had to go to WalMart for those.  But who can resist the popcorn boxes??  I know we will use these so many times, so I'm glad I finally had the excuse to invest in some.  2 for $ can you beat that?!

Rather than using a tablecloth, go through your linen closet to see what fun prints are on your flat sheets.  This gold polka dot is from Land of Nod {here}. 

I can't stress enough, to find things around your house.  Decorate with the initial of your child's name.  Use containers from your home decor (mason jars!). Cake stands to display more than just cake. You get the idea.

Ribbon was found at the Dollar Tree.  6 yards for $1.
Get creative with your drinks.  You don't always have to use water bottles.  Wrap your IZZE drinks, IBC root beer, or other fun beverages with water bottle wrappers.

If you aren't having cupcakes, put the cupcake toppers as a party brand.  On the popcorn boxes...

...and other containers around the party.

Cupcake toppers
Goody bag tags
For this circus party package, check out Party Printables Etsy shop {here}.  And visit your local Dollar Tree for several event and party accessories! 

Art Party

Recently, I have had the opportunity to team up with Easy Party Printables and stage parties.  I am so excited to see all the fun ideas that come to me as I make these creative themes come to life!! 

I feel pretty confident in saying that every child loves art in some way or another.  Painting, coloring, play doh, name it, kids love it!  What's a more brilliant party idea then throwing an ART PARTY?!  

This is such a colorful party, perfect for ANY age, really!  

As you can tell, I am obsessed with these gable boxes!!  I actually just purchased them to wrap Christmas presents in ("brown paper packages tied up with string" ring a bell?) and I thought how perfect to use them for this shoot?

Recognize the white pail?  Used for the Doc McStuffins party.  Also, I saved a bunch of baby food jars...they are now coming in handy :)

I thought I was so clever to roll up tissue paper to improvise for cupcakes.  Turns out, I really hate the way they look.  Next time, there will be real cupcakes! 

If you love this party idea as much as I do, purchase at Easy Party Printables {here}.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Doc McStuffins

For Charlotte's 2nd birthday party, I threw a Doc McStuffins-theme party.  And it was a success!  

The key to any low-budget party is FIRST, look around your house and see if there are any props you can use.  Everything I used for this party was found in my house.  I may have had to take things out of containers and off of book shelves, but I didn't spend any money!! 

The thing I did spend money on was the party package found on Esty {here}, invites from Etsy {here}, food, goodie bags from Hobby Lobby {here}, doctor kits from the Dollar Tree {here}, and toys found at Dollar Tree and the dollar spot at Target.  

Etsy has become my best friend.  There is everything you need!  From home decor to party supplies. I have "favorited" so many things!



Going alone with the "doctor" theme, I thought a gift shop would be great to fill the goodie bags.  It was a highlight.  The kids were so excited when they went one-by-one to fill their "doctor bag."  This was by far MY favorite part of the party as well.

These suitcases were from Land of Nod {here} are on display in Charlotte's Room.  
I needed one more container so I went through all my shopping bags and boxes and found a Victoria's Secret box and flipped it over.  Genius!  The bottom part of the box is holding the doctor kits in the "operating room."

Put a card inside each "doctor bag" saying thank you for coming.  Don't worry, I also sent thank you cards!

There is nothing worse than going to a children's party with nothing for the children to do!  I brought down Charlotte's doll bunk bed, a stuffed animals/dolls, and placed the doctor kits from Dollar Tree for the kids to play with.  I also bought the Doc McStuffins table off Craigslist for $20!!  It sells for $80 at Toys R Us {here}.   It was brand new and had all the accessories.  Gotta love secondhand items!  I bought it a few months ago with the thought of selling it after the party but Charlotte LOVES it.  She would be devastated if I got rid of it!


To keep with the breakfast theme, I did a coffee cake instead of real cake.  We did the real cake and ice cream on her actual birthday.  


Welcome gift (I made that up; but I handed these to each kid when they came): Made stethoscopes from headbands, ribbon and felt.  Super easy and so cute!

Prizes: puzzle to color that I purchased at Target after Easter sale for $2.50 and a jump rope I purchased at Dollar Tree (both Doc McStuffins)
Post the band-aid on the boo boo game found at Party City {here}

Turned my computer desk into the gift table
It was such a fun party!  I'm glad I started planning it about three months in advance.  I was able to work a little bit at a time, spread the budget over a good amount of time, and get it exactly the way I had envisioned it.  This party package was created Glitter Ink Designs and can be purchased on Etsy {here}.