Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sweet Bee

As much as I loved the idea of surprises, one surprise I could never handle was the sex of my unborn baby.  I had to know if, who is now Charlotte, was a boy or a girl.  I had to get prepared.  BUT there are several people who can handle the surprise and for those people, this shower is for you! (Or if your nursery is going to be grey and yellow!)

"Sweet Bee" is a collection from You Make Do.  I love this baby shower.  It is gender neutral and just so sweet! The colors are grey and yellow, very soft and you can do a few different things with it.  I took this as more of the dessert/beverage table.

These pinwheels, and thank you envelopes are a great party favor.

In the package, you will receive the entire alphabet to use however you want...cupcake toppers, initials of the baby or your last name, tags, banners, etc.  I decided to frame a "b" for baby...or bee. :)

I loved these cupcake toppers.  Again, what you can do with these is endless.  They don't always have to go on cupcakes.  You may have noticed my yellow cupcake stand.  I purchased this after Easter this year for 50% off at Target.  Love my cupcake stands!!

Favor boxes...DOLLAR TREE!

Straw flags.  These are editable and you can label them however you want.  I love when the PDF's come ready to be edited.  You can really personalize the party!

The buffet cards are editable, too!

This whole collection is only $16 and can be purchased at You Make Do's online Etsy shop!  And when you are visiting the shop, notice the familiar pictures :)

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  1. Love the pretty styling and photography, Tiersha! Beautiful! ~heather